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In "Lucky Strike" Debbie and Harry prepare a bowling night to spend time with their kids, but their family night plan goes wrong when Annie and Dixon invite their friends to the bowling alley to convince their parents to let them leave to hang out with them which Harry and Debbie allow them to do.

Debbie and Harry give Silver a place to sleep when Dixon finds her sleeping in her car after the bowling night.

She and Harry ground Annie when Naomi Clark steals her paper on the book ¨Tale of Two Cities¨ and are shocked when her daughter sneaks out to go to Naomi's Sweet 16 party.

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One of Antonio's clients tries to harass Silver and shouts racial slurs toward Dixon, when he was defending her, which results into a fist fight causing Debbie to lose her job.

Later Debbie has to deal with news of Harry having a son with Tracy Clark, his ex-girlfriend from high school and both are shocked when she hires a private investigator to look for their lost son.

When Harry catches Annie making out with a boy at practice for the school play, Annie seeks help in her mother who supports her and tries to calm down Harry at the opening night. In "Model Behavior" Debbie is given an opportunity to shoot a major fashion show by her boss, Antonio.

Annie goes with Adrianna for a school project along with her brother and Silver at the fashion show.

Debbie and Harry move to Beverly Hills when her Husband, Harry, gets a job as principal of West Beverly High.

In the series premiere, Debbie struggles with Harry's mother Tabitha who seems to dislike Debbie.

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Later Tabitha offers the kids a car which again makes Debbie angry.

Debbie wants Harry to step up and say something to his mother about her need to back off and stop trying to raise their kids and he agrees.

Harry is happy about finding Sean and spends a lot of time with him.