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Anyway, the resilience of Dutch identity is worth note (not just meaning the Zalm, but a way of life and values, of the conservative variety rather than Dutch liberalism now associated with Holland) in Langley, Aldergrove, Abby, Sardis; likewise the Mennonites; non-Menonnite Germans on the other hand tend to completely assimilate, and aren't as religious for the most part.

And each time I was required to ask them which part of the province they were in.

There was variety in the answers, even if they were in same region, but just saying that never heard Sunshine COast folks refer to themselves as LM once.(job was gov't blue page enquiry ;) ) Although I realize that is original research so... --Keefer4 , 29 January 2007 (UTC)I think that the map should include both Bowen Island and Lions Bay within the boundary line for the Lower Mainland.

Hence Bowen Island and Lions Bay should be shown within the Lower Mainland's boundary lines.

- Boy.bowen (talk) , 10 November 2009 (UTC) Simply put, Bowen Island is an island and inherently not part of the Lower Mainland by definition.

The cloud front above Logan Lake and the bits of cumulus - maybe thunderstorms - north of Kamloops I can't do much about short of pixel-by-pixel retouching edits; another source image may not have these bits of cloud cover; I'll check around.

Skookum1 , 10 January 2007 (UTC) Some folks keep changing the population in the lead sentence of the article from 2.2 M to 2.5 M.

The transient student population of the city and the GVRD, Lower Mainland etc respectively might also be interesting to work out.

Also the prison population of the valley towns (the prisons are major economic engines in Mission and Abbotsford, just as the BC Pen was at one time in New West; but less so in Maple Ridge and Kent).

As per comments on Talk: Demographics of Vancouver and Talk: Vancouver concerning demographics, the population section here could include an outline of the ethnic composition of the Lower Mainland's various communities; I'm thinking of the post-war Dutch and German, incl.

Mennonite, belt from Langley through to Chilliwack (it overlaps into Mission a bit, w.

Lions Bay is debatable; the original usage of the term excluded anywhere "upcoast" as well as "upcountry"..the road used to end at Horseshoe Bay......