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Woman looking for Woman 40 years old, Sabah, Perak, Malaysia Want be frenz with lady only... Believe making love is the most wonderful activities in life.. Can make love anytime, anywhere and as many times as I want.

Malaysian Cupid is a leading Malaysian dating site dedicated to bringing Malaysian singles together to find their perfect and true love match.If you are interested in connecting with Malaysian singles and want to experience the real Malaysian dating experience, Malaysian Cupid is the site for you.i value the company of family-members and domestic life and enjoy spending time with my son very much and work hard to be a good parent. I love to dance and meet people who are not judgemental, easy going, funny, loving, caring and honest.i Hello hellooo, I can't believe I've been led down the internet dating path, but I guess I'm just not meeting many people nowadays... One reason is possibly because I've been working a lot the past coupla years. I love to cook (anything that is spicy), draw, listen to music, movies, tv, exercising. I am beach lover and can sit on the beach the whole day just looking at the wave comes in.I love travelling and have been to several places like Europe, USA and so on.

I am a sincere and honest person and would like to know people of the same caliber. Enjoy reading and writing as well as outdoor activities such as trekking, swimming, back-packing and scuba diving. During my spare time, I would go out for a movie, or just drive out of KL for a relaxing time with my family and friends. Hey Female looking for male friends to know and to date . Woudl like to enter the dating and love scene once again . If you are married and hoping to have fun , get lost . If you are alone and looking for love , please feel free to contact me .Talk about football, go watch action movie, play Candy Crush… Cos I had never had sex with a local guy before, I wouldn’t have first hand (or in my preferred case, any hand) info on this. Local guys love their moms (cooking more than anything else sometimes), so they may tend to be mommy’s boys.Well, if you put that kind of attitude, girl, everything also sound boring lar. This require delicate diplomatic tactics that frankly, our country leaders should be using more of, but I digress. Malaysian guys never left Malaysia The frog-under-coconut-shell (a local saying, basically saying you are Mr.Find your Tony Stark and just emulate, but don’t copy. Go for it As the Goddess of Nike said it, Just (Fucking) Do It already.Watch what is done well and assimilate into your own character. Talk less, listen more, do even more I think there’s a reason why our creator gives us one mouth, two ears, two hands. And know that sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t – that’s life.I value friendship because I believe friends play an important role in our life. Looking for like-minded person for friendship and long-term relationship.