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I can give an "estimate" but I really don't know because I never keep track.

(Plus I have always been told that because of metabolic issues, and PCOS that it would be very hard for me to get pregnant).

I have never heard a doctor call an ultrasound a dating scan, and every report on this community says their doctor told them there is a week's margin for error (some conservative doctors even say there is two weeks) at 12 weeks.This suggests that even by week 10 or 11, if a baby is growing more rapidly or slowly than average, the ultrasound is not going to be on-the-dot for accuracy.As I said originally when you posted your dates and all, it does sound like your husband is the father. Am sure you have loads of ladies asking for your help so I will take this opportunity and say many thanks for your replies and your kind advise. By the 12th week, almost all doctors will caution the woman that there is a margin for error of /- 7 days.I have heard plenty of women say "I got my dating scan" but I think this phrase is more women's chatroom lore than a medical way of describing an ultrasound.So, we split the difference and said 6 weeks 4 days.

This would make my conception date April 7th, which is the exact night I was with the first man.If you would like to start your own thread, you could recap the information and highlight what part of it concerns you, then it would be easier.That said, it might not be worth your trouble, since I already agree that it sounds like your husband is the father.Annie can you do an overall of my situation please?In my previous post I said that intercourse I had were 13 days apart.I discovered I was pregnant unexpectedly, and went to have an ultrasound on May 23rd.